Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Masitah Babjan is the founder and Principal Consultant of Mashal Management Consulting and has served more than 15 years in corporate organisations. She continues to enthusiastically support organisations and individuals committed to harnessing their inner wisdom to make more meaningful contributions towards their personal, professional and community success.

Although trained as an engineer from University of Manchester, UK, Masitah's background also include areas in human resources management, facilitation and training gained from her extensive corporate exposure in a national electrical utility organisation, and a multinational oil and gas corporation.

Harnessing her skills gained from her varied professional experience, Masitah currently focuses her work on corporate training and facilitation in the areas of personal effectiveness, leadership and management development. Her special interests lie in the areas of creative-thinking, intercultural management and work-lifestyle enrichment for management executives and business leaders.

Masitah advocates collaborative learning through serious play and incorporates interactive, creative expression and graphic or visual facilitation techniques in her workshops and seminars. She does real-time, live graphic recordings at meetings, seminars and conferences to capture and translate conversations and collective thoughts from the group into visual references to help people make connections and better recall key points after the event. She is actively involved with a learning community of facilitators both locally and internationally and is a founding member of the Facilitators Network Services (Malaysia), and a member of the Malaysian Association of Facilitators.

A firm believer in striving for excellence and life-long learning, she aims to enable others achieve their desired work-life goals by sharing her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion and inspiring them to greater heights.

When not facilitating workshops, Masitah seeks nature, enriching and fulfilling getaways by exploring new places, trying out interesting food and having a better understanding of various cultures. On such escapades, she chooses to look at cultural similarities with that of her own and is usually thrilled to experience anything new. Wherever she might be, at the beach or in the rainforest, people, places and photography excites her. Link
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Sharifah Maria Alfah has more than 35 years experience the field of People Management & Development. Her last appointment in the corporate world was as Vice President & Country Manager (HR & Admin), Seagate Technology Inc. based in Penang. She had worked in various organizations including Hewlett-Packard, Bank Negara Malaysia and Aetna Universal (ING Insurance). In 2003 after moving to Kuala Lumpur, she took on a two year assignment as Resident Consultant & Vice President, HR & Admin in Ranhill Berhad.

She has been sharing her experiences, in particular on Global HR Management, Leadership Development, Coaching & Cultural Diversity at various local and international platform and conferences. Maria is presently a consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer, focusing on Human Capital Management; Leadership Development; Organizational Restructuring & Alignment; Behavioral & Change Management.

An area of special interest to her is the development of wholistic leaders with the right competencies and capabilities, yet synergistically encompassing the values as dictated or entrenched by their own cultural and religious norms. As a certified Master Coach, she believes that coaching helps people to unlock their full potential.

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